New Documentary, You Don’t Know Nicotine, Aims To Separate Nicotine Fact And Fiction.

Aaron Biebert, the self-taught director of the award-winning A Billion Lives documentary, has returned with a new Kickstarter project for a documentary entitled You Don’t Know Nicotine. Whereas A Billion Lives aimed to take “a critical look at the history of smoking, and the corruption that’s led to the current situation where safer, healthier alternatives Read more about New Documentary, You Don’t Know Nicotine, Aims To Separate Nicotine Fact And Fiction.[…]

FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, To Resign

Tuesday March 5th, 2019 could be remembered as a significant day for vaping, whether good or bad. It was on that day that FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced his intent to resign, effective in April. It’s a shocking revelation largely due to the fact that just over two months prior Gottlieb had explicitly shot Read more about FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, To Resign[…]

The Pursuits: The Stories

Everybody has their pursuits, especially when it relates to vaping, and most can remember how and why they came to buy their first vape device, and the flavors that helped them begin. As we’ve already mentioned, in the beginning many of our flavors were made for those who couldn’t find something they liked to get Read more about The Pursuits: The Stories[…]

Snow Globe: The Story

Throughout our flavor-making history, the process has varied depending on the initial idea. In many cases it was an outright suggestion from a vaper who wanted a particular flavor. In other cases it expanded from a very basic idea. Snow Globe is a great example of the latter. A year after Krazy Kane’s creation and Read more about Snow Globe: The Story[…]

Krazy Kane: The Story

Krazy Kane is one of the more unique flavors on the Jvapes menu. Not necessarily because of its taste; a peppermint e-liquid may be cooling and refreshing, but it’s not our most inventive. Krazy Kane is unique because it broke a convention that was yet to exist when it debuted. When the idea to make Read more about Krazy Kane: The Story[…]

Jvapes Wholesale: The Story

Jvapes’ wholesale department has been an important part of our culture for nearly as long as we’ve sold e-liquid. As of now, we’ve worked with 90 vape shops across the country and outside. It’s been a great opportunity for us to bring our e-liquid to more local customers and help vape shops thrive in the Read more about Jvapes Wholesale: The Story[…]

Jvapes: The Story Part 2

After returning from their first Vapefest as vape fans, the management of Jvapes was revitalized. With some reinforced knowledge of just how far vaping can go, they knew that they had the tools to not only be successful but to also expand beyond what they originally planned.  Immediately after returning from the festival in Chicago, Read more about Jvapes: The Story Part 2[…]

Chaimas Tea and Santa’s Secret Sauce: The Story

Holiday-exclusive flavors have become some of the most popular Jvapes bottles over the years. With each, a seasonal flavor that is only available for one month, the taste both exemplifies the holiday it is centered around, and leaves you wanting more. In 2015, all four of our holiday flavors launched in their respective months, but Read more about Chaimas Tea and Santa’s Secret Sauce: The Story[…]

Jvapes: The Story Part 1

The year 2011 was a momentous one for vaping. Having been “around” for a few years, it hadn’t quite taken off in a big way yet, but the time was coming. At this point, Jvapes co-founders Jourdan and John were in separate, but similar places. They were working together at a fast-food place, but Jourdan Read more about Jvapes: The Story Part 1[…]

Cinilla Coffee: The Story

It was 2011, and flavor chemist/co-founder John had a process to his flavor creation. He started in his personal creation in his apartment, but his e-liquid crafting process was every bit as calculated and efficient as the AEMSA standards that our lab would adopt. It was a hotbed for new and interesting flavors in a Read more about Cinilla Coffee: The Story[…]