Can An App For Vapers Thrive? Vaffle Might Have The Best Chance.

With the increasing number of reports that vaping related YouTube videos have gone missing, many vapers fear that the content they love or potentially need to further their expertise may go missing with it. Let’s face it, with an industry such as vaping that is deeply rooted in technology and the ease of sharing information, social networks play a huge role. Vapers don’t want their content to be curated for them, they prefer to have the largest selection so that they can make their own decision, and there may now be a place for that.

A number of YouTube personalities with interests in vaping have long been telling stories of their monetizations being cut due to FDA regulation and YouTube’s policies. This led to a number of them leaving the platform in favor of Instagram, Vimeo or Twitter accounts. This has led to many of these personalities losing touch with their fanbases, attempting to rebuild quickly.

There have been many blogs, forums, subreddits, and even a YouTube-like site or two devoted strictly to vaping, but the sheer number of them makes it difficult to follow personalities, reviewers or companies that you identify or agree with. Enter Vaffle, an iOS and Android app that aims to unify the vaping community in a place that embraces their interests. Vaffle launched earlier this year but has already seen a good attach rate. It is still in its early stages, but it is showing promise.

YouTuber GrimmGreen, who has over 360k subscribers on his channel, has continued to branch out his reach and is just one of the vape personalities who has started sharing his reviews and thoughts on Vaffle.

Vaffle uses a very straightforward interface that will look familiar to anyone who has used an Instagram account. A big draw with Vaffle is how easy it is to connect with other vapers and even check in on several categories of posts, such as “My Favorite Mod,” or “Handcheck.”

What really sets Vaffle apart is its “Tools” section. Here, you can find a number of advanced user resources such as an Ohm’s law or coil calculator for your coil build. These at-a-glance tools can be helpful for vapers looking to get the most out of what is available to them, and it’s nice to have them all in one place.

Clearly, the success of Vaffle depends on the attach rate of vapers. Competing with the likes of Instagram will be tough, but it’s a community that could potentially use a tailored platform rather than use an existing one. As it stands right now, though, there’s little reason to not at least check it out for those wanting to broaden their view of the vaping landscape, get some new opinions, or learn some new tricks. There’s artists, reviewers, companies, and casual vapers on Vaffle, so it’s a place where any vaper can feel at home, and maybe even carve their own review path.



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