Gifts For Vapers | Top Ten Vape Gifts

Gifts For Vapers | Top Ten Vape Gifts


It’s that time of year when Halloween is lurking just around the corner and turkeys everywhere are ducking for cover and searching out prime hiding. These holidays are basically ticking time bombs leading up to the big kahuna: Christmas. It’s time to get thinkin’ about Christmas gifts and pull it together before time runs you over. But it’s okay, we’ve got your freak out covered! If you have a vaper in your life and don’t have a clue where to start, this nifty all in one Gifts For Vapers list will give you much needed peace of mind.


1.) Kaos Spectrum by Sigelei

Let’s start with the more advanced vaper in your life (they’re advanced if they’ve been vaping for a few years and typically use a box mod, or more advanced system). Now if this special person is all about the pretty colors that make up life, then a Kaos Spectrum by Sigelei makes a great vape gift! This mod has the ability to change colors and light up either while its user is vaping or it can blast a color stream 24/7.  Through its LCD screen located on the front of the mod, its user is able to dictate temperature control or wattage preference.  The Kaos Spectrum makes an exceptional gift for a vaper that has previous experience and just wants color in their life.

Gifts For Vapers-Kaos Spectrum

Gifts For Vapers | Kaos Spectrum

You may be thinkin’ that that sounds great and all but your vaper doesn’t really care about color and flash, they are more about the overall functionality and durability of their device. These vapers are always outside or have vigorous work conditions. What vape gift could fit this type? 

2.) Aegis Mod by Geek Vape

Look no further, the Aegis by Geek Vape is the mod of their dreams! Popular amongst construction workers, line crews, and outdoorsy types due to the Aegis’ high level of well-made durability. It is amazingly immune to shock, dust, water and has been pushed to its limits and tossed off of buildings, magically without sustaining damage.

3.) Atopack Penguin Starter Kit

If you’re shopping for gifts for a vaper that is newer, then check out the Atopack Penguin Starter Kit. It has all the bells and whistles while also sporting a penguin-like appearance. It is pretty awesome in that it comes with multiple pods (to hold the e-liquid) allowing its user to easily switch between e-liquid flavors. This makes the Atopack Penguin ideal for those that love changing up their flavors on the fly. To make this mod even more hassle free for beginners, it has a high battery life that is not to be reckoned with.

4.) Suorin Air V2

Still not sure if your vaper is a beginner or an expert? Don’t fret, it’s called the Suorin Air V2 and it fits the premise of all levels of vaping. This kit lands on our Gifts for Vapers recommendation list due to its ability to offer an amazing amount of concealment by being small and thin enough to fit into your wallet or pocket. That’s an out-of-this-world feature that any vaper would turn heads for. The Suorin Air also offers pass-through technology that allows for vaping while charging. Small size and all, it is able to pack in 2mls of e-liquid with the ability of easily switching out flavor pods. Overall this mod is unreal and insanely simple to use, making it a great gift for vapers of all experience levels!

5.) Atomizers

If none of these mods sound like they would fit your special person, then maybe some accessories will do the trick! One item that every vaper can never have enough of is atomizers. transform the e-liquid into vapor allowing that burst of flavor to twist its way to sigh worthy awesomeness. When picking out the right atomizer, it is important to know what kind of tank your vaper is using as they are extremely tank specific. Please ensure that you know the precise tank you are matching the atomizer with before purchasing this gift for your vaper. Consider the sought after Smok TFV12 Coils that comply with the Smok TVF12 tank. These atomizers come in multiple designs allowing their user to experience huge clouds, flavor or a mixture of the two. The Nautilus and Nautilus Mini Coil which are only suitable for the Aspire Nautilus Mini and the Aspire Nautilus, are also a superb choice for tremendous flavor and pleasant vape cloud size. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with a lovely atomizer.

6.) Imren 18650 Battery Pack

Another basic need of any vaper using an external battery mod is batteries. Without a charged battery, vaping is a sad no go. The Imren 18650 battery pack-which is only compatible with those mods that require 18650 size batteries- is a great gift that comes with its own carrying/storage case for safe keeping and are very well liked within the industry. The Imren batteries are made up of a lithium ion composition which provides a rate of discharge that is more so level than that of others. These sweet batteries come in either 3000mAh or 2500mAh.

7.) Tobeco Super Tank

Another prime time and very popular component is the 25mm Super Tank and its counterpart, the Super Tank Mini (22mm) by Tobeco. The 25mm holds a generous amount of e-liquid, 5mls to be exact, while the Mini holds 4mls. These tanks are only to be used with advanced mods, but they give its user a super bomb flavor experience!  Please be certain that your vaper’s mod is compatible with the Super Tank before buying this gift for your vaper.

8.) Drip Tip

If your vaper uses a tank because they feel that it’s the only way to have the optimal vape experience, a drip tip would suit them well. A drip tip is the cherry on top and adds a little extra flair of personal style (it is the piece on top that the vaper inhales through).

Vape Gifts-Tobeco Super Tank

Gifts For Vapers | Tobeco Super Tank

9.) Vape Band

Lastly, another unique decoration that doubles as a precautionary addition is a vape band. These are handy because tanks are made of glass and as such the clumsier amongst us or the more cautious, will enjoy the gift of a vape band that protects the glass from any potential harm.

10.) Jvapes Sample Pack

Okay, now you’ve got plenty of ideas at your fingertips, but maybe you’re still leery to purchase a mod or accessory in fear that you may not be 100% sure of what your vaper needs. No worries, a gift sure to go over well with any vaper is the Sample Pack of our e-liquid flavors promising to wow and delight! With over 90 flavors to choose from and experiment with, any vaper will definitely be ecstatic with this gift!

So there you have it my friends a little peek inside the wants and needs of a vaper. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for vapers as long as you know the right experience level and the right equipment, you will be golden and many thanks will descend upon you!


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