Two Renowned Doctors Take the Fight for E-Liquid Flavors Into Their Own Hands

Vaping advocates are calling for action.

With the recent Advanced Notice of Proposed RuleMaking (ANPRM) announced by the FDA in regards to flavor restrictions, many vapers feel the things they care about most could be in jeopardy. While the FDA has been seeking public comment on the opinion of flavors in vaping, a new survey has also been conducted by two doctors who have constantly fought for vaping to be better understood than it has been to this point.

Drs. Konstantinos Poulas and Konstantinos Farsalinos, in conjunction with the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association, put together an extensive survey for users of vapor products. The idea behind their survey was to grab extensive answers from vapers directly on the subject of flavors and helpfulness of vaping in general by asking specific questions on usage.

We would like to thank everyone who took a small amount of time to have a potentially big impact on the future of vaping as a whole. The information provided by all who took this survey will be submitted to the FDA, as they’ve asked for in their ANPRM, in hopes of informing their decisions regarding flavors in vaping and vaping in general.

Though their survey has concluded with what looks like strong turnout, public comments can still be submitted directly to the FDA until June 19th. Click here to submit your comment.

Who Are These Advocates?

Scientific director of this study, Dr. Poulas, is an associate professor in the department of pharmacy at the University of Patras. He obtained his PhD in Biology from the University of Athens and has no less than 18 journalistic publications in his field. His scientific interests include the fields of autoimmunity and protein analysis.

His colleague, Dr. Farsalinos, is a cardiac surgeon who currently performs research for the department of pharmacy at the University of Patras. Dr. Farsalinos has at least six published research items since December 2017 specifically devoted to vaping. He has also spoken at The E-cigarette Summit, and other similar vape industry gatherings, with the intent to share his research and gather more information.

It’s nice to see someone taking specific action to get the FDA a much bigger set of information so that they can make the most informed decision possible. It’s hard to overstate how important this survey is if you’re a vaper, or just feel strongly about vaping for any reason. Now that it has finished, we can only hope that the FDA finds the information provided sufficient and important.


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