Butter Pie: The Story

Every flavor starts somewhere. While some have a more obvious inspirations than others, some can seem a little obscure. For Butter Pie, it’s a little of both.

To set the stage, it was August 2015, and Jvapes had but 72 flavors, and nothing with peanut butter, a much requested flavor. We were set to launch a single, secret flavor, but we felt we needed to make the release a duo, at least, and maybe a trio.

The inspiration for a peanut butter-infused flavor that was a little outside the norm was hard to come by. One thing was certain, though: celery and peanut butter wouldn’t do, not by a long shot.

With the release day quickly approaching, time was running out. One night, though, the answer appeared in the merging of two classic flavors. Sure, we’d have a peanut butter and jelly, with not just strawberry or grape jelly, but both, because we want to surprise your pallet as much as delight it, but we were going to do so much more. It started with our great grandmother’s green apple pie. Tart and sweet and baked to perfection. That wasn’t enough, though. It only seemed logical to infuse a bit of our favorite healthy snack as well. Taking the creamy peanut butter from a fresh-cut crisp apple delight and injecting it into our favorite pie created something special almost immediately.

And there it was. A trio of flavors ready to be released, each with their own distinct profiles, and enjoyable in their own right. Butter Pie, though, was possibly the most surprising, most inventive of the bunch, while remaining faithful to its classic inspirations. The trio was fine-tuned and released over the month. On August, 31 2015, Butter Pie was born, and its success was immediate and sustained. A peanut butter apple pie e-liquid, just like mom used to make, with a twist.

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