Can An App For Vapers Thrive? Vaffle Might Have The Best Chance.

With the increasing number of reports that vaping related YouTube videos have gone missing, many vapers fear that the content they love or potentially need to further their expertise may go missing with it. Let’s face it, with an industry such as vaping that is deeply rooted in technology and the ease of sharing information,[…]

A Brief History of Vaping and Present Outlook

A Brief History of Vaping The history of vaping can be viewed from many different angles. Looking back on it, it wasn’t too long ago that vaping was nothing more than the brainchild of scrapyard worker and inventor Herbert A. Gilbert. It was Gilbert who has been credited with patenting his invention of a “smokeless[…]

Jvapes is Partnering with ASFA and Save the Family for Families In Need

Here at Jvapes, we realize that our community is our lifeblood. We’re continually looking for ways to give back and help out. We’re happy to be able, through our partnership with the Arizona Smoke Free Business Alliance, to team up with the Save the Family Foundation of Arizona to do just that on Mother’s Day.[…]

Beyond The Headlines: Reading into Scientific Vapor Studies

Whether in vaping or another industry, the importance of scientific studies is almost immeasurable. Proper research can lead us toward answers that we simply could not get otherwise. Sometimes these studies can lead us to new questions, a better understanding of the subject matter, or definitive answers to specific questions. Conversely, though, a bad report[…]

Two Renowned Doctors Take the Fight for E-Liquid Flavors Into Their Own Hands

With the recent Advanced Notice of Proposed RuleMaking (ANPRM) announced by the FDA in regards to flavor restrictions, many vapers feel the things they care about most could be in jeopardy. While the FDA has been seeking public comment on the opinion of flavors in vaping, a new survey has also been conducted by two[…]