Beyond The Headlines: Reading into Scientific Vapor Studies

Whether in vaping or another industry, the importance of scientific studies is almost immeasurable. Proper research can lead us toward answers that we simply could not get otherwise. Sometimes these studies can lead us to new questions, a better understanding of the subject matter, or definitive answers to specific questions. Conversely, though, a bad report[…]

Vapers Wanted: Take the Flavor Survey And Let The FDA Hear Your Voice

With the recent Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking set forth by the FDA in regards to flavor restrictions, many vapers feel the things they care about most could be in jeopardy. While the FDA has been seeking public comment on the opinion of flavors in vaping, a new survey has also been launched by two doctors[…]

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb sits down with CNBC To Discuss Plans Involving Vaping

  On March 28, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb sat down with CNBC’s Meg Tirrell to discuss a variety of topics. In the 30-minute interview Dr. Gottlieb touched on just about every aspect of the FDA’s reach, including some topics related to vaping. For the general consumer, it might not seem like much, but when the[…]

Vaping Safety: Do You Need to Worry About Your Battery Blowing Up?

The FDA recently released a new report on the potential harms of vaping. In this study, the FDA examined the number of emergency room incidents that resulted from vaping, primarily involving batteries “blowing up.” While there’s been concern about the integrity of vape batteries recently, this isn’t exclusive. The recent concerns of cell phone batteries[…]