Chaimas Tea and Santa’s Secret Sauce: The Story



Holiday-exclusive flavors have become some of the most popular Jvapes bottles over the years. With each, a seasonal flavor that is only available for one month, the taste both exemplifies the holiday it is centered around, and leaves you wanting more.

In 2015, all four of our holiday flavors launched in their respective months, but two proved themselves to be more unique, and more popular.

Chaimas Tea is the more obvious of the two: it’s a Chai tea flavor. It’s spiced just right to give off an extra warmth when vaping. It tastes just as you’d expect, so it doesn’t need much explanation. You just need to know that it’s a fan favorite drink recreation that launched quite a bit after its inception. Chaimas Tea became flavor 77, and debuted 12-18-15.It was also one of the first non-coffee drinks we emulated, and spun out of customer requests for both “something perfect for winter” and, more specifically, a direct imitation of a chai tea.

Fun fact: The name, Chaimas Tea, was created to audibly resemble “Christmas Tree.”

Santa’s Secret Sauce, by contrast, was a bit more inventive. It goes back a ways, when oatmeal flavors weren’t quite “there” yet. They weren’t popular, and they didn’t quite taste right. It was clear to us, though, that we needed a holiday-favorite oatmeal cookie flavor. It’s a taste as timeless as it is reminiscent. So what, exactly, is the secret sauce that Santa employs? Well, it’s mostly the sweet vanilla icing, of course, but it’s also, in part, the secret recipe we use for the oatmeal cookie itself. Vapers have described it as “obsessive,” and we couldn’t agree more. Santa’s Secret Sauce became Jvapes flavor number 89, and released alongside its December counterpart on 12-18-15.

The December holiday flavors, like the October flavors, release only once a year, and are available at in 30ml bottles at just $10.

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