Cinilla Coffee: The Story

It was 2011, and flavor chemist/co-founder John had a process to his flavor creation. He started in his personal creation in his apartment, but his e-liquid crafting process was every bit as calculated and efficient as the AEMSA standards that our lab would adopt. It was a hotbed for new and interesting flavors in a time when we could make new flavors for our customers, or anyone who wanted something new.

On the coffee table sat a permanent glass bowl filled with new concoctions for anyone who wanted to try. During that time, John’s roommate was struggling to get in to vaping. He had his reasons for wanting to, but never found a sufficient flavor to break through the barrier to entry. It was shortly into the trial process that an idea was hatched from the facts: he liked coffee. The quest to make a coffee flavor had begun.

It was a tough process. It wasn’t as simple as make a cup of black coffee and adding creamer until it’s just right. It’s a calculated, math-intensive process that saw many incarnations before it was ready to be tested. Eventually, the flavor profile was set. We wanted a coffee with heavy vanilla cream, and a spice of cinnamon. And, when the flavor was finally perfected, it was a hit.

From there, the flavor became a fixture in the bowl, for roommates and guests alike to enjoy, for a while. Almost a year, in fact. In 2012, when flavors were being registered and introduced, we were looking to introduce what customers wanted. It was then that the bowl moved to the office, and the flavors were once again tested. There was a standout. You guessed it: Cinilla Coffee. After the process was complete, Cinilla Coffee entered Jvapes on 5/6/2012 as our first coffee flavor based on the philosophy that was a cornerstone of our business: making what vapers and potential vapers want.

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