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E-liquid Ingredients: What is in e-liquid?

e-liquid ingredients: what is in e -liquid
E-liquid ingredients: What is in e-liquid? Photo by: Lars Bear Prandelli

E-Liquid Ingredients: What is in e-liquid?

When it comes to e-liquid ingredients, we agree that everyone has a right to know what they’re vaping.  We have seen some pretty interesting reports, heard some wild conspiracy theories, and spoken with other credible companies.  In this article, we will take a closer look at our own e-liquid ingredients.  While we know that there are other trustworthy companies out there who also strive for high-standards, we can only guarantee our own practices.  Whether the laws on regulations are implemented yet or not, we feel that full disclosure and transparency are very important aspects in our business.

Before we discuss our e-liquid ingredients, let’s take a minute to look at the grades of product that we select for use.

USP – This acronym stands for United States Pharmacopoeia.  For a product to qualify as USP grade, it must meet requirements in strength, quality, purity, and more as set forth by the United States Pharmacopoeia Convention.  This association is a non-profit, scientific organization whose standards are enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The USP standards are also used in over 140 countries.

U.S. food grade – Food grade quality regarding flavorings, is supervised either by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Association) or FEMA (Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association).  These organizations consult scientific expertise in deeming products as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in food.  The FEMA GRAS program is the most reputable assessment program in the industry.

So, just what is in e-liquid?

e-liquid ingredients: what is in e-liquid
E-liquid ingredients: What is in e-liquid?
Photo by: Lars Bear Prandelli

We use four e-liquid ingredients.  You won’t find coloring, preservatives, or any other unnecessary additives in our e-liquid.  We prefer to keep our methods and our recipes simple and straightforward.  Here are the four e-liquid ingredients that we use.

Vegetable Glycerin:

More commonly known within the vaping industry as VG, vegetable glycerin is a viscous, sweet liquid.  Vegetable glycerin acts as a good base for e-liquid.  Its thickness acts to prevent the e-liquid from burning off too quickly, however using pure vegetable glycerin could also cause excessive build-up.  Some prefer a higher volume of vegetable glycerin in their e-liquid for a more dense vapor production.  The vegetable glycerin found in our e-liquids is of the highest quality USP grade.

Propylene Glycol:

Another main ingredient commonly used within e-liquid base is propylene glycol, or PG.  Propylene glycol is an important facet of e-liquid due to its ability to distribute one ingredient within another without distorting the end result.  For instance, in e-liquid propylene glycol aids in the process of keeping the nicotine and flavoring suspended within the vegetable glycerin.  Similarly to our selection in VG, our e-liquids contain USP rated, high-grade PG.


Whether or not nicotine is used depends on each customer’s preference.  We use top-quality, pharmacopeia grade nicotine.  The nicotine is diffused within our e-liquid per customer specifications using precise calculations.  If you are vaping 0mg nicotine strength from Jvapes, your e-liquid contains only three ingredients.


Each of our flavors are US food grade.  Unfortunately, we are not able to divulge our actual flavor recipes, so anyone hoping to find that information here… we regret to inform you that these recipes are top secret.  We can, however, let you know that since we are very particular about our flavors, we choose only to incorporate the highest quality US food grade flavoring available.

That’s it!

All of our e-liquids are handcrafted in our AEMSA certified lab.  This method, while perhaps not as efficient as some of the larger companies who employ machinery, enables us to keep our foundation rooted in quality and community.  We pride ourselves on striving for high-standards throughout the company.  Each batch of handmade e-liquid is overseen by trained eyes capable of verifying the quality and precision with which they are made.  Our insistence on handcrafting also ensures that as we grow as a company we have the ability to employ more people, which strengthens the communities that we serve.

So, from all of us here at Jvapes, we thank you for supporting us in our endeavors to create a great product that is 100% handmade in the USA.  Feel free to leave comments and questions below!  All of our articles are open for discussion, we love hearing from you and any information that you wish to add.  Don’t forget… be nice to each other (^_^)


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  • Bobbie Draper

    It’s awesome that JVapes discloses any information they can about their e-juice. I witnessed the guys working in the lab, and I know they are clean, proficient and they make fresh batches all the time. I refuse to try any of the juices at any kind of smoke shop/convenience store because I have NO CLUE where they are made at – CHINA perhaps? I appreciate the explanation of ALL the components used in the juice also…full disclosure. This among MANY OTHER things is what makes JVapes THE…S&%T!!

    Thank you for providing us with such high quality products!

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