Find Your Flavor



Find Your Flavor

Your flavor personality is… Apple

Apple E-Liquid by Jvapes delivers a wonderfully crisp and perfectly pure apple taste.

Your flavor personality is… Banana

Banana E-Liquid by Jvapes delivers a flavor true to its name.  Our lively Banana E-Liquid captures all of the satisfying and mellow semblance of a well-ripened banana

Your flavor personality is… Blueberry

Jvapes Blueberry E-Liquid is an enriched edition of pure blueberry.  Brimming with flavor like the wild berries found in New England rather than the faded flavor of store offerings.

Your flavor personality is… Cherry

Jvapes’ Cherry E-Liquid is bursting with sweet cherry flavor.  Vibrant and robust, our Cherry E-Liquid achieves a tempting result, intensified.

Your flavor personality is… Pineapple

Our succulent Pineapple E-Liquid is bursting with the attractively exotic taste of fresh pineapples.

Your flavor personality is… Raspberry

Find all of the sweet and tart flavor of handpicked wild raspberries overflowing in our juicy Raspberry E-Liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Shut Up

All of the essence with none of the seeds.  Our watermelon e-liquid, Shut Up, is available year round.

Your flavor personality is… Silly Lemon

Find a potent solution of tart lemons with a tinge of sugar for balance in our Silly Lemon E-Liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Strawberry

Our Strawberry E-Liquid is laden with flavor as generous as bushels of sweet, plump strawberries.

Your flavor personality is… Straight Chillin’

Straight Chillin’ incorporates all of the exceptionally smooth and exotic flavor you would expect from a mango e-liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Son of a Peach

Son of a Peach e-liquid with a wonderful balance of sweet and bright found only in the prime pick of summer.

Your flavor personality is… Tangerine

We’ve captured all of the beautifully floral citrus essence of juicy tangerines in our distinctive Tangerine E-Liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Vanilla

Simplicity at its finest, our Vanilla E-Liquid is purely all of the attraction that fresh vanilla has to offer.

Your flavor personality is… WOW

 A true grape flavor reminiscent of fruit laden vineyards in late summer, WOW is simply a clean, pure grape taste.

Your flavor personality is… Bangberry Mist

Bangberry Mist E-Liquid is a delicious berry e-liquid overflowing with berries of all varieties.

Your flavor personality is… Caribou Lou

Tangy pineapple and creamy coconut are subtly accentuated in our recipe for Caribou Lou E-Liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Chameleon

Chameleon is a one of a kind e-liquid that appears to shift in taste through a full spectrum of cool, appealing melon varieties.

Your flavor personality is… Commander Crunch

Our berry crunch cereal e-liquid, Commander Crunch, was crafted out of a fondness for our favorite sugarcoated breakfast.

Your flavor personality is… Fruity Dragon

Fruity Dragon by Jvapes captures the delicate nature of a dragon fruit and provides a delicious and balanced exotic vape.

Your flavor personality is… Furry Wall

Furry Wall by Jvapes is an outstanding papaya e-liquid tinged with a tantalizing array of tropical notes.

Your flavor personality is… Guavatron

Guavatron by Jvapes condenses the abundantly exotic flavor of this remarkable fruit into a charming e-liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Hello Yello

Hello Yello by Jvapes is an intriguing arrangement with two unlikely ingredients, banana and mint, that when paired together are surprisingly appealing.

Your flavor personality is… Jude

Jude by Jvapes is a delicious concoction of vibrant kiwi and ripe berries.

Your flavor personality is… Last Chance Intervention

Last Chance Intervention is a lusciously creamy essence of milk imbued with fragrantly sweet strawberry that creates a smooth and tasty treat.

Your flavor personality is… Mint Berry

Refreshing mint energizes a lusciously juicy combination of berries in Mint Berry E-Liquid by Jvapes.

Your flavor personality is… No Worries

No Worries is a satisfying berry smoothie e-liquid.  Berries of all varieties are collected in in this smooth celebration and livened up with just a tinge of the exotic.

Your flavor personality is… Passion

Passion by Jvapes intermingles the lusciously juicy flavor of the exotic fruit with choice highlights to create an exquisite passion fruit e-liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Patriot Pop

Patriot Pop by Jvapes is an enticingly sweet styling of fresh blueberry, lemon, and cherry team up in a candied cordial that is sure to enchant your sweet tooth.

Your flavor personality is… Pineapple Choo Choo

In Pineapple Choo Choo, refreshingly creamy, enticingly tropical flavors join in a harmonious melody to tantalize the senses.

Your flavor personality is… Red Chee

Jvapes Red Chee captures the essence of sweet tones from the lychee fruit that intertwine with an underlying source of fragrance best described as a captivating bouquet.

Your flavor personality is… Snozberry

Snozzberry is a delightful dark berry e-liquid with lightly tangy undertones.

Your flavor personality is… So Cal

So Cal combines the soothing, mellow flavor of ripe peaches with the intensity of juicy blackberries in an irresistible smoothie fashion to be enjoyed all day long.

Your flavor personality is… Strawnana

Strawnana by Jvapes is a seamless composition of mellow banana and fragrant strawberries.

Your flavor personality is… Triple Apple

If you love our apple e-liquids but want an even bigger apple bite, Triple Apple does the trick.

Your flavor personality is… Yellow Sub

Yellow Sub E-Liquid is one of the most popular and difficult to describe e-liquids crafted by Jvapes and is lovingly referred to as a “psychedelic blend of fruits.”

Your flavor personality is… Abbey Lane

Abbey Lane E-Liquid by Jvapes is a satisfyingly sweet berries and cream e-liquid.  A variety of tart and sweet berries are drenched in cream to create this dessert vape.

Your flavor personality is… Bananarang

Bananarang by Jvapes is a delightful banana pudding e-liquid with a tasty layer of vanilla cookies.

Your flavor personality is… Batter Up

Batter Up by Jvapes is an enchanting cake batter e-liquid created using a rich combination with sweet cream and vanilla.

Your flavor personality is… Blueberry Crumble

Blueberry Crumble by Jvapes is a delectable dessert vape.  Our technique is packed to the brim with juicy blueberries and topped with a buttery crumble crust.

Your flavor personality is…

You’ll find all of the fruity, juicy, deliciously sweet flavors of gummy bears in by Jvapes.

Your flavor personality is… Butter Pie

Butter Pie by Jvapes is a freshly baked apple pie in all of its flaky, gooey, sumptuous glory with a dollop of peanut butter.

Your flavor personality is… Chimpo

Smooth butterscotch and pungent strawberry come together in a bizarre arrangement to create the extraordinary elixir Chimpo.

Your flavor personality is… Cinnaroll

Our cinnamon roll e-liquid, Cinnaroll, captures all of the delight of a freshly baked cinnamon roll still warm from the oven.

Your flavor personality is… Coconut Macaroon

Coconut Macaroon by Jvapes captures the freshly baked essence of this sweet and buttery cookie interlaced with subtle yet exquisite coconut.

Your flavor personality is… Colonel Custard

Our exquisite vanilla custard e-liquid, Colonel Custard, includes every delicious aspect about the wonderfully luxurious dessert.

Your flavor personality is… Fire N’ Ice

Fiery cinnamon and revitalizing mint create an exhilarating experience to tingle the senses in Fire N’ Ice by Jvapes.

Your flavor personality is… Iced Up Chocolate

Iced Up Chocolate is a smooth mint chocolate E-Liquid.  Our recipe pairs a perfectly frosty touch of mint with the tempting rich notes of silky chocolate.

Your flavor personality is… Krazy Kane

Krazy Kane by Jvapes is an invigorating invention inspired by icicle inducing penchants for peppermint.

Your flavor personality is… Lemon Squares

Lemon Squares by Jvapes is a just as light, bright, and buttery as its namesake bursting with tart lemon sweetened to taste and layered with perfectly baked pastry undertones.

Your flavor personality is… Mi Amour

Our mixologists have created the charming confection Mi Amour that turned out to be none other than a delicious pineapple upside down cake e-liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Mitch’ang

Mitch’ang by Jvapes is a sumptuous peanut butter cheesecake e-liquid.  Smooth and nutty peanut butter combines with sweet and velvety cheesecake to create a delectable duo to immerse your senses.

Your flavor personality is… PB & J

Sink into the comfort of PB&J by Jvapes.  Think smooth and creamy peanut butter smothered on thick slices of freshly baked bread and finished off with sweet jam.

Your flavor personality is… Ridin’ Nerdy

Ridin’ Nerdy by Jvapes is a nostalgic nod to one of our favorite sweet and slightly tart candies.

Your flavor personality is… Snow Globe

Snow Globe is a winter holiday inspired peppermint dessert e-liquid that gained such a following that we decided to keep it.

Your flavor personality is… Still Fly

Still Fly by Jvapes is an excellent rendition of the classic strawberry and cream combination with a more luxuriously creamy base.

Your flavor personality is… Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama by Jvapes is a tasty sugar cookie e-liquid treat loaded with all of the sweet, freshly baked appeal of a delightful sugar cookie.

Your flavor personality is… Sweet and Tart

Sweet and Tart is akin to some of our favorite candies.  If you love candy, or combinations of sweet and tart this e-liquid will not disappoint.

Your flavor personality is… The Underground

A delectable caramel dessert e-liquid.  The Underground is brimming with rich caramel, warm graham, and a touch of spice.

Your flavor personality is… Berry Lemonade

Berry Lemonade by Jvapes brings a traditional summer favorite to you any time of year.  A vibrant selection of berries and freshly squeezed lemons are sweetened to taste.

Your flavor personality is… Cherry Cola

Jvapes Cherry Cola is a remarkable recreation of a classic combination.  Delightfully sweet cherry and smooth cola collide in this enjoyable ensemble.

Your flavor personality is… Cinilla Coffee

Zesty cinnamon and aromatic vanilla brighten up a bold coffee taste to create a sophisticated and complex profile in Cinilla Coffee.

Your flavor personality is… Hawaiian Wonderland

Hawaiian Wonderland is an exquisitely tropical e-liquid by Jvapes.  We bring together a variety of delicious exotic fruits in a complimentary fashion.

Your flavor personality is… Light & Sweet!

Incorporating both light and sweet notes, Jvapes’ Light & Sweet is akin to a freshly brewed mug of expertly roasted coffee beans.

Your flavor personality is… Naaas!

Naaas! is an invigorating energy drink e-liquid.  Containing flavor as extreme as the popular fruit punch tonics, our energy drink e-liquid is intensely entertaining.

Your flavor personality is… Purple Sticky Punch

We wanted a grape drink e-liquid as closely matched to our favorite artificially flavored grape drink as possible, and Purple Sticky Punch is it!

Your flavor personality is… Rootbeer Float

We’ve captured all of the classic and classy taste of this favorite in our Rootbeer Float E-Liquid.  The rich, caramel taste of a brewed rootbeer is topped off with highlights of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Your flavor personality is… Vanilla Cola

Vanilla Cola by Jvapes is our tip of the hat to soda fountains of the past.  What better pairing than a classy cola with a burst of fragrant vanilla.

Your flavor personality is… Cured Tobacco

Our Cured Tobacco E-Liquid yields a full-bodied, oaky flavor of fine tobacco leaves.  This robust e-liquid is comparable to a bold pipe tobacco.

Your flavor personality is… J Tobacco

J Tobacco is a rich and complex composition of select leaves create a premium tobacco e-liquid flavor that is both balanced and bright.

Your flavor personality is… Midnight Joyride

Midnight Joyride is a rich tobacco e-liquid infusion of toasted nut with creamy coconut undertones.

Your flavor personality is… Minthol

Packed to the brim with arctic mint taste; Minthol is a deliciously chilling e-liquid.

Your flavor personality is… Sweet Leaf Tobacco

A bright flavor of choice tobacco leaves are lightly infused with sugary overtures to create our satisfying Sweet Leaf Tobacco.

Your flavor personality is… USA Menthol

Like a prime selection of aromatic tobacco leaves steeped to perfection and paired with a tincture of mint, USA Menthol has become an established favorite.

My go to flavor is primarily…

Of the berry variety



Creamy and Sweet



Fruity, but not citrus, berry, or tropical!

Chewing gum?

Yes! I love all types.

Mint gum is my favorite.

Only fruity gum for me.

I prefer cinnamon.

I hate gum.

Hot or cold?



I prefer my desserts…

Freshly Baked

From the freezer

From a tree

I’m not a dessert person

When it comes to mixing flavors…

I prefer one single flavor at a time.

I prefer no more than two similar flavors mixed.

I prefer a complimentary combination of more than two flavors.

I like trying new and interesting flavor combinations.

I _______ tobacco flavors.

Love all

Like menthol

Like premium

Like true


If I were stuck on a deserted island, I would have to have…




Exotic fruits


Apple, peach, and orange trees

Gum (who needs food?)

Tobacco plants

My kitchen sink

Peanut Butter!

I ______ throat hit from my vape.

Need a strong

Like a decent

Do not like a

I love __________ flavors.







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