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Freedom, Reward Points and the Fight for Vaper’s Rights.

Freedom and the Fight to Save the Vape Industry. Get involved!

As you’re probably aware, there are some serious regulations being put into place that could be devastating to the entire vape industry. Good news is there are also huge numbers of vapers, manufacturers, retailers, politicians and advocacy groups fighting to ensure that the vape industry continues to thrive. At Jvapes, we continuously push for advocacy – we’ve got CASAA sign-up forms in our stores and on our website as well as links to sign the Faircloth Petition on our site – but, we wanted to do more… which is why we created our newest flavor, our advocacy juice – Freedom.

Freedom – Join The Fight!

Freedom – Straight from the heart of Jvapes, buried in the vaults deep below our AEMSA certified lab comes a top secret, highly requested flavor that we have been saving for this moment. We’ve waited for years to free this flavor from its shackles and now, in the face of tyranny and injustice, we are finally unleashing our most prized e-liquid paired with the promise that a full half of the sales generated from it will be directly invested in the most important legal battle of the century.

Other than to give you all a potential new All Day Vape, our primary reason for creating Freedom is to raise awareness about the impending regulations as well as to raise money to fight them. 50% of ALL sales from our Freedom juice will go directly towards the fight to save the vape industry. We’re selling 30ml bottles of Freedom for $10, which means for every bottle purchased we’re donating $5 towards the fight to keep you, and millions of others, vaping.

CASAA and Jvapes Reward Points

CASAA (The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association), is one of the groups leading the fight to ensure the survival of the vape industry. If you aren’t aware of what they’re fighting for, or why August 8th, 2016 is such an important date, head over to the CASAA website and get informed.

CASAA - Join The Fight
Join The Fight!

Sign up for CASAA, stay updated as things unfold and we’ll add 10 Jvapes reward points to your account. If you sign up online, forward your confirmation email to for the free points. We’ve also got signup stations in all of our Jvapes stores.

It’s an uphill battle, but the fight has just begun. Be sure to join CASAA, stay up to date and let your friends, family and fellow vapers know what’s going on. The more vapers stay informed, the better the odds are that we win this battle.

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