Jvapes: The Story Part 2

After returning from their first Vapefest as vape fans, the management of Jvapes was revitalized. With some reinforced knowledge of just how far vaping can go, they knew that they had the tools to not only be successful but to also expand beyond what they originally planned. 

Immediately after returning from the festival in Chicago, plans began on moving the current Jvapes store, expansion of the lab at the old store location, and even a new location in another state. 

First things first, they needed a new store location. There’s a lot that goes into that: price, of course, location, and size. The old store wasn’t cutting it. They had lines out the door because there wasn’t enough standing room inside, the e-liquid selection was growing quickly, outpacing the shelf space, and they wanted extra room for their grand plan: a lounge, where vapers can relax and experience the social nature of the small-but-passionate vaping community. It certainly would prove that the lounge idea wasn’t unique to Jvapes, but it was very integral in any case.

After an extensive search, they found their perfect location. A large storefront space with a small back office, plenty of room for shelves, products, customers, and couches. When it came time to paint the walls, they went simple: black and white. It would unknowingly birth the Jvapes brand as it is today, clean and professional in black, white, and gold. They even furnished the lounge with extra entertainment, an Xbox, so that the comradery could flourish. It proved to be a hit, as customers increased, only this time none of them had to wait outside. 

With a new store location secured, the lab was able to expand into the old space. After all, with more demand comes the need for more supply. Fortunately, production could continue unimpeded as they prepared the larger space for their production efforts and focused on the AEMSA standards for the eventual inspection. Once the AEMSA certification was acquired, the reinvigoration of Jvapes was more fully realized. The local community was involved and integrated with mutual success. 

Jvapes owners John and Jourdan knew that they, and the company, couldn’t become complacent or content with what they’d done in the past, though. The longing to help other people in other communities was ever-present, they just needed to find the specifics of where and when. Like a few other things that came together in great timing, this plan did as well.

One of Jvapes’ earliest employees was in danger of leaving the company as obligations pulled them to Colorado Springs. With a company located in Arizona, the opportunities for an employee to contribute from so far away were few, at best. Unless, of course, Jvapes expanded. 

After a quick review of the area, the opportunity was clear. There were no vape shops in Colorado Springs, Jvapes had made a name for itself for those interested in vaping, and there would be a community connection with the arrival of a seasoned employee. The plan came together quickly, but not haphazardly. By the end of 2013, Jvapes Colorado Springs was ready to open and instill the same community values that had been present in Prescott for years. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the new store was a hit. Once again Jvapes and its local community shared in mutual benefit.

2013 was a big year for Jvapes that saw the company truly come into the form that it is visible in today. Through both listening to our communities and anticipating their wants and needs, Jvapes was able to make an impact. On top of those moves, we continued to craft unique flavors that were equal parts customer requests and personal passions. By the end of the year our flavor menu grew to 47, nearly half of the final tally, and up from 26 the year before. We were reaching and helping more people than ever before and doing so on a much more personal and easy-going. As I’m sure you know by now, though, the story doesn’t end there. The next year would see more creative ideas and more community involvement. More on that later.

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