Jvapes Wholesale: The Story

Jvapes’ wholesale department has been an important part of our culture for nearly as long as we’ve sold e-liquid. As of now, we’ve worked with 90 vape shops across the country and outside. It’s been a great opportunity for us to bring our e-liquid to more local customers and help vape shops thrive in the ever-changing environment of the industry. Let’s take a look at where it all began, and how it got to this point.

Years ago, when vape companies were quite a bit more rare than they are now, word travelled fast. As shops were looking to increase their selection, they began looking for anything and everything that they liked to stock for their customers. For Jvapes, that first happened in a California shop. California was one of the states at the forefront of vaping, and because of that it was further in the game than most others. Shops were established and many people knew what vaping was, but customers were often still searching for more options.

Enter in another order from Jvapes’ online store. It appeared as any other, but it would turn out to be a pivotal one in our history. “Just another vaper” turned out to be a vape shop employee in California. That employee enjoyed the flavors he received so much that he shared his experience with the shop owner, and the owner made a call.

The relationship that Jvapes formed with this now-defunct shop in California crew quickly, and would help form the foundation of our wholesale philosophy going forward. This business relationship very early-on in our operations was invaluable.

From there, we began to form new relationships with many more stores across the country, and one in French Polynesia. In addition to our wholesale philosophy, we utilized some of our in-store culture as well. Most notably, we occasionally created flavors, when we could do such a thing, at shop owners’ request, some of them privileged to their shop.

These ideas have helped us grow not only our wholesale department but our total reach to vapers, and we will continue to advance our offerings with the goal of helping vape shops and vape communities all over.

If you’re interested in having Jvapes in your shop, or attempting to convince your local shop to carry our e-liquid, shop owners can reach out to wholesale@jvapes.com. 

Check back periodically for more Jvapes History.

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