Krazy Kane: The Story

Peppermint Passion

Krazy Kane is one of the more unique flavors on the Jvapes menu. Not necessarily because of its taste; a peppermint e-liquid may be cooling and refreshing, but it’s not our most inventive. Krazy Kane is unique because it broke a convention that was yet to exist when it debuted.

When the idea to make Krazy Kane the first holiday-exclusive flavor came about, we began gauging interest in the Christmastime taste. It wasn’t long before it became very clear that Krazy Kane would be a hit, so the flavor creation process began. This process, more complicated than it seems, went through several iterations before finding the sweet spot. During the creation phase, something surprising happened with the idea: it spread further than anticipated.

Word of Krazy Kane’s impending release caused the desire for it to increase greatly. Before it could even enter full production, vapers were anticipating their chance to try out the new peppermint flavor. There was a problem, though. It was early. Months too early, in fact. When we envisioned a seasonal flavor, we didn’t imagine it as fall seasonal.

So a decision had to be made: we either had to hold off on the release of Krazy Kane for the December month, or release it as a regular addition to the menu. For those who have been fans of the flavor, the choice is clear. Krazy Kane was released when it was finished, on October 4th, 2013, and it remains on the year-round menu of Signature flavors. It was simply too popular, both before and after creation, to keep locked up for seasonal availability.

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