Snow Globe: The Story

Throughout our flavor-making history, the process has varied depending on the initial idea. In many cases it was an outright suggestion from a vaper who wanted a particular flavor. In other cases it expanded from a very basic idea. Snow Globe is a great example of the latter.

A year after Krazy Kane’s creation and release, we were still looking for that holiday flavor. The type of taste that hits the right tastebuds for the season, but doesn’t overstay its welcome. That was the impetus for creating Snow Globe: “a flavor that tastes like Christmas.” Determining what that particular taste was, however, proved a bit more difficult.

Through the creation process, a large number of flavors were attempted. Most of them were recreations of mainstay desserts or sweets, but it didn’t take us long to realize that we should go outside of the box just a little bit. Mixing and matching unlikely flavors landed us on a more familiar flavor than we expected.

The resulting taste, a cinnamon graham cracker flavor infused with cooling peppermint, quickly became reminiscent of homemade “christmas bark,” a commonly forgotten but beloved treat. After a lengthy and secretive development, Snow Globe was ready to launch in the beginning of December, 2014. It was ready to be the first official holiday flavor, available for December only to disappear until the following holiday. Shortly after its December 1st release, it became clear the flavor was a hit.

Much like its predecessor, Snow Globe proved to be too popular to keep under wraps for 11 months of the year. What we thought would be a holiday special became a year-round vape for too many people, so we keep it in the Signature Line. For more than four years it has held its position as a fan favorite thanks to the early adopters who wanted it to stick around past the holidays. If you have recently adopted Snow Globe as a regular flavor in your tank, its consistent popularity is the reason it can continue to be found any day of the year.

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