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Why Is Bigger Better? Jvapes Big E-Liquid Bottles Explained

Big E-Liquid Bottles: An Explanation for the Switch

Big E-Liquid Bottle Exclusive Line

A brief history on the evolution of an industry

Progression towards Bigger E-Liquid Bottles
Cigalike image by Pixabay

Cigalikes were the introduction to what eventually blossomed into the incredibly diverse vaping industry as we know it today.  For any who have not experienced the sometimes frustrating, “cigalike,” they resemble an analog cigarette by design, can be incredibly difficult to get a decent hit from, are easy to run dry and get a burnt hit, and suffer the same fate as many products that utilizes small batteries (they typically fade fast and seem to lose their capability to hold a charge over time).  Cigalikes operate off of single-use cartridges.  Unfortunately, these disposable cartridges or, “cartomizers,” add to landfills unless you attempt to refill them (which can be difficult), and they aren’t capable of holding much e-liquid (often from 0.25ml to 0.5ml).  The initial step towards the development of larger and more efficient systems was seen in DIY cartomizer modifications.

After cartomizers, clearomizers began to emerge on the market.  Clearomizers are capable of holding more e-liquid than your average cartomizer.  Clearomizers are often paired with systems that contain somewhat larger batteries and seem a bit easier to refill, maintain, and vape.  Clearomizers eventually evolved into the large variety of open tank and drip systems that are more prevalent today.

It’s not all about the tank!

Coils have evolved over time as well.  The heating element found in cigalikes is quite small, not easily accessible, and in some cases can be completely inoperable.  In the pursuit of better cloud production, more flavor, and a better experience overall we have seen some phenomenal builds and prebuilt products emerge.  Due to the mainstream use of many of these more efficient coils, a need for larger volumes of e-liquid has emerged.

Big e-liquid bottles
Image by Wikimedia

Power supply is another area that has dramatically improved over the years.  Cigalikes utilize low capacity batteries in order to save on space and maintain that quintessential cigarette look.  As the industry has progressed and become more innovation oriented, larger mods emerged with the capacity to hold larger, and often, multiple batteries.

What does all of this have to do with big e-liquid bottles?

With the steady emergence of larger tanks, more efficient coils, and higher wattage capabilities; personal e-liquid supplies have a tendency to deplete at a quicker rate.  We all know how it feels to run out of e-liquid…

Forgot the big e-liquid bottles

Seeing this predicament that affects so many vapers, we felt it necessary to meet the demands for more e-liquid, big e-liquid bottles, and lower prices.  Now, we carry 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml e-liquid bottles.  We have also cut our prices in every way possible with one purpose in mind, to keep tanks filled.


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